We have recently completed the upgrade and refurbishment of our UK Head Office in Leeds working with the team at ParkLaine. At the start of the process, we met with, and received proposals from, three suppliers, but in reality, the level of professionalism ParkLaine demonstrated from the first meeting meant that there was only likely to be one company we would opt for. Graham and the team made sure they fully understood the brief and their proposal brought to life the ideas we had. As we kicked off the project with ParkLaine, the joint working seemed seamless. We engaged regularly via email, text messaging, virtual meetings and in person, and at each stage we were clear what was needed and from who. The project itself ran to time and the outcome was of high quality. The team at ParkLaine did a wonderful job in making sure they accommodated our team, some of whom were still working in the building. Despite some delays on materials from suppliers, the project was managed in such a way that there was little to no downtime, with each week there being clear and obvious progress made. Overall, I think you get what you pay for when it comes to these refurbishment projects, and the quality of materials and work that we have seen from ParkLaine has given us confidence that the investment was well worth it. I would recommend ParkLaine to any company looking to complete a workspace refurbishment or fit-out and will be in touch with them in the future should we be looking to expand into further locations in the UK.