An Office Refurbishment or Fit Out of a New Office is an excellent opportunity to inspire positive change throughout your business and increase your return on investment.

When you work with us, we make you a promise – to deliver your office fit out or refurbishment with no fuss. We look after everything through your design and build journey, so you can relax knowing our experienced team is by your side. Our parallel working approach means we look after different stages of your project in tandem – reducing handover and downtime between milestones.

Refurbishing and existing office or fitting out a New Office is exciting for everyone, but also can be quite daunting. As you can imagine there is potential for a lot of disruption, and it requires patience and strong communication with everyone, and this is where we as a team come into our own. With many years of combined experience, we can say we are experts at this process, and have done it many 100’s of times. We know that people still need to work, we know that people don’t want dusty desks, we know that people don’t want loud noises and distraction, we know that you have a business to run.

We have tried and tested our project delivery methodology time and time again, and it always delivers the desired results. We very carefully manage and co-ordinate every single stage of the process, keeping you and your business well informed at every stage. We plan moves of desks, we even space plan the different phases so that you can see where people will be during each phase, we build proper walls to separate off spaces, we perform noisy works out of hours, we communicate with you and your team all the way through the project. Our Goal for every project is to deliver On Time, On Budget, 100% Safe. We insist on perfect delivery and Total Customer Satisfaction, so you are in safe hands working with us!

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