Furniture is tactile by its very nature; everyone uses furniture. Sore backs, necks or bottoms are all attributed to the furniture not being fit for purpose.

Performance and productivity should be by-products of comfort. Furniture also has to look right and complement the rest of your office scheme. Due to longstanding relationships, our Furniture Team acquires furniture at the best rates from some of the world’s best furniture suppliers. Our Furniture Team will curate, recommend and tailor a furniture solution perfect for your workspace needs.

How do you decide what’s best? Quite simply, try before you buy. We can arrange showroom visits for you to try different products. We can also have sample furniture delivered and set up in your current space for you and your team to test. This way, you can be assured that what you are getting is right for you. Our team of consultants can conduct ‘furniture audits’, where we examine all of your current furniture and analyse what does and doesn’t work for you.

Once we have selected the furniture solutions that are right for you, we shall spend time with you selecting the fabrics and finishes that tie in with the overall proposed design scheme, or the finishes of your existing environment to make sure everything blends in as it should, and compliments the working environment and the brand of your organisation.

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