How We Work

There are 6 important stages that we shall guide you through as part of the journey of change to ensure we fully understand your requirements, obtain the data and information we require, and deliver solutions that solve problems, and meet the needs of your people and the company, both now and in the future.

Stage 1

Meet, Listen, Learn, Study, Analyse, Research, Advise, Survey & Obtain Key Data…

  1. We complete detailed building surveys of As Installed Electrical & Mechanical Services to understand capacities and condition. This enables us to understand the performance of the services installed and how this aligns with your requirements.
  2. We complete detailed building dimension surveys to ensure we have captured all the key As Built Information to ensure that what’s required will fit accurately within the space provided, and doesn’t challenge any key parts of the building structure beyond what’s required or expected.
  3. We complete detailed surveys of your existing facilities, so we understand exactly how you operate and what your requirements and expectations are, within each area.
  4. We schedule meetings with your Project Champions, to discuss the specific requirements within each area, to ensure that what is designed within the new space, reflects both the requirements of the staff and the business, both now and in the future.
  5. We create Room Data Cards for each and every space, to ensure that all the requirements are captured from the General Arrangement layout, through to the Room Specific M&E requirements.
  6. We complete detailed Space & Storage Audits, so we have a complete understanding of what capacity in both these areas is required, within the new space.
  7. We complete Occupancy Audits, and look at People Flow, so this can be factored in to the design of the new space, and not only meet the requirements of the business and the people, but also meet the requirements of Building Regulations and that of a COVID-secure workplace.
Stage 2

Brainstorm Ideas, Set Objectives, Road Map, Develop Outline Brief…

  1. We generate detailed reports based on the data received and information obtained.
  2. We create a detailed Understanding of Client Requirements Document (UCR).
  3. We develop the outline Design Brief and Scope of Proposed Works.
  4. We set out and agree the overall Pre Contract Design and Scope phase, including the timeline, and agreed actions.
  5. We set out the key objectives of each phase to be included within the PCT.
  6. We hold internal Team Brainstorm/Creative Workshops to discuss your requirements, and create 1st draft
    layout design ideas and suggestions for the proposed new space, based on what we have obtained in terms of
    data and information.
  7. We hold meetings with your Project Champions to review data and information obtained, documents and
    reports compiled, and initial Draft Layout Design Plans, and run a QA session to capture any further questions,
    requirements, and direction prior to moving into the Detailed Design & Scope Phase.
Stage 3

Space Plan Design, 3D Visualise, Mock Up…

  1. We create 2-3 Layout Design options for all areas based upon the agreed outline brief, meetings we’ve held, and information received and obtained through the surveys.
  2. We develop the Room Cards report into the suggested Look & Feel Guidelines Document for all areas that reflect the company brand, the requirements of the people and the business.
  3. We create a proposed Fabrics & Finishes Guide for all areas in line with the Look & Feel Guide.
  4. We hold Meetings / Design Workshops as required with the your Project Champions to share all of the above ideas and suggestions, in view of getting important feedback and further direction in order move to the next stage of the concept design phase.
  5. We hold meetings as required with the Landlord, our Building Control and Health Safety Consultants to discuss the proposed works and layout design ideas, in view of getting the initial approvals required.
  6. We carry out Showroom visits as required to view proposed products and equipment, and agree solutions that meet the needs of your business and people in all areas.
  7. We shall supply sample products, fabrics, finishes, and materials, for trial and approval by your Project Champions.
  8. We shall create an onsite Mock up Area depicting the proposed interior finishes, fabrics, equipment and materials.
  9. We shall create 3D visualisation of the proposed layout design reflecting the proposed overall look and feel for all areas.
Stage 4

Scope, Budget, Value Engineer, Test…

  1. We create the detailed Scope of Works and Cost Plan that delivers the proposed requirements of the people, the business, and the agreed layout for the new space, giving cost options for low, mid, high spec materials, equipment, and method of build in all areas.
  2. We always select materials and equipment for inclusion within the outline scope and budget costs plans, that meet the demands of the people and the business, as well as being Eco- Friendly, Sustainable, Energy Efficient, and critically meet the requirements of the building, and that of the Local Authorities.
  3. We hold Meetings / Workshops as required with your Project Champions to share all of the above, in view of getting important feedback, and further direction in order to move to the final stages of the detailed scope and cost planning phase.
  4. We develop the final detailed scope of works based on the direction and feedback received from your Project Champions, that aligns with the requirements of the people, the business, and your budget.
  5. We will compile all of the documents that support the agreed scope of works and design, and issue to the Landlord for agreement and inclusion within the License to Alter.
  6. We shall create the final detailed Scope & Design pack including all required, Health & Safety Documentation, Design & Build Contracts etc and present to the Project Champions and Board for approval and sign off.
Stage 5

Turn-key, Create, Build, Refurbish, Fit-out, Furnish, Relocate…

  1. We issue formal instructions to the Project Team, Suppliers, & Manufacturers.
  2. We shall attend site for the 1st Pre-Start Team Meeting with the assigned Project Team and Site Manager. Walk the course and agree the site set up procedures and debrief the Team as required on the Site Specific Rules, Health & Safety, Project Delivery Programme and Project Objectives.
  3. We shall complete and issue the site specific Health & Safety Plan including F10.
  4. We shall complete and issue the site specific Building Regulations Documentation.
  5. We shall complete all the final pre-start site surveys and condition report.
  6. We shall complete and issue the final Project Delivery Programme.
  7. We shall attend site with your Project Champions to walk though the whole project delivery plan and programme.
  8. We shall set up site in line with the Health & Safety Plan, installing protection to the building fabric, safety / security fencing, waste facilities, temporary power & lighting facilities, welfare facilities, site office, site meeting facilities, signage etc.
  9. The Project Kicks Off & the Project Delivery is managed by our on site Project Manager
  10. We will hold weekly Project Progress Meetings on site with our Project Team and your Project Champions
  11. We shall issue Weekly Project Progress Reports which will include updates on: Cost & Change Management, H&S, Q&A, Project Delivery Programme, AOB.
  12. We will hold a Full Project Handover Meeting on completion of works with your Project Champions, which will include, on site training for all staff on all new systems, equipment and furniture installed, handover of the O&M manuals and
    as built documents, including Test & Commissioning Certification and Building Regulations approved documents.
  13. We will provide Total Management of your complete Office Relocation.
Stage 6

Complete Aftercare, Post Project Support, Small Works, Facilities Management, Property Maintenance…

  1. 4 weeks from your occupation of your new workspace, we shall attend a meeting with yourselves to walk the project in full, and make sure that everything is operating and performing as it should be, answer any questions, provide any further training required on any aspect of the build, or the equipment installed, on a one to one level.
  2. We always provide support as required to install all of the small things that often get overlooked, such as white boards, signage, personal effects, artwork, pictures etc, helping you to make the ‘house your home’.
  3. We always offer the services of our Interior Planting, Vending & Coffee Equipment Specialists to help and guide you as to the right type of equipment and solutions to meet the needs of your staff.
  4. We shall set you up with all the maintenance contracts as required, to ensure that the Workspace and the Mechanical, Electrical, Security Systems are all well maintained in line with the manufacturers recommendations.
  5. Our overall Total Project Warrantee lasts for 12 months, so we shall attend site every 3 months post your occupancy to check and test equipment is working as it should be, and ensure that the workplace is kept in pristine order.
  6. Post 12 months we offer our ongoing 6 monthly interior maintenance programme to the keep the workplace and the equipment performing @ 100% and in pristine order.

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