What are the key benefits of utilising biophilic design in the workplace?

Using Biophilic Design in your workplace promotes the health and well-being of your staff, but it can also have beneficial financial implications for your organisation

Biophilic Design is a reference to the human need and desire to connect to nature. Biophilic design can include elements such as natural materials, plants, lighting, colour etc. It can have tangible benefits within every sector but especially the workplace, educational, hospitality, retail and domestic sectors. Using Biophilic Design can create a greater sense of health and well-being for inhabitants, staff and visitors alike, but it can also have hugely beneficial financial implications that stem from improving the health and wellbeing of the building occupants.

Biophilia can have the following positive impacts on your workplace:

Improve air quality – live plants can help to improve air quality as they absorb carbon dioxide (Bad for us – too much carbon dioxide in our offices causes employee performance to suffer due to a plummet in metabolism and neural activity) and produce oxygen (Good for us or many reasons). Live plants also transpire through their leaves increasing the humidity in the air, which as a result helps to eliminate the common problem of dry air caused by air-conditioning systems. According to research carried out by NASA, 1 plant located every 100 square feet is great for achieving optimal air-filtering.

Helps to improve mental health and relieve stress – spending time around nature has been proven to combat stress, enhance mental wellness and bolster brain health. Implementing planting into the workplace is a great way to help promote better mental wellbeing.

Attract and retain the best talent – implementing well thought out biophilic design into your workplace shows existing and new talent that you care about employee productivity and wellbeing, and you are promoting sustainability in your organisation. Increasingly, top talent – in particular gen z – are looking for workplaces that feel like a home away from home and provide an environment that nurtures wellbeing, therefore organisations that provide this are going to be at an advantage when it comes to attracting and retaining top talent.


Here’s some interesting data from research that’s been carried out showing the of the tangible results of integrating biophilic design in your workplace:

Prevent fatigue when completing tasks that demand high levels of attention
Speed up call processing by 6-12%
Increase performance by 10% to 25% on tests of mental function and memory recall
Increase wellbeing by 15%, productivity by 6% and creativity by 15%
Reduce absenteeism by 15%


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