Navigating An Upcoming Lease Expiry

Renegotiate or Relocate? As the lease expiry approaches, you will be faced with the decision to renegotiate your existing lease or explore relocating to new locations. Here’s some key considerations to help your team navigate an upcoming lease expiry.

As a tenant with an upcoming lease expiry, you are entering a critical phase that can significantly impact your business’s future. This milestone presents a unique opportunity to reassess your current situation, explore new possibilities, and make strategic decisions that align with your business goals. Whether you are a small startup or an established corporation, proactively addressing your lease expiry can be the key to unlocking new potential and optimising your real estate strategy. In this article, we will discuss essential considerations and actionable steps to navigate this crucial phase effectively.

Start Early: Don’t Procrastinate

The importance of early planning cannot be overstated. Give yourself ample time to evaluate your options, negotiate terms, and, if necessary, find a new space – we typically recommend 12 months in advance. Starting the process early provides you with a competitive advantage, ensuring that you have sufficient time to explore different possibilities without being rushed into making hasty decisions.

Review Your Current Lease

Before delving into any negotiations or making decisions, thoroughly review your current lease agreement. Pay close attention to lease terms, renewal clauses, and any notice requirements. Understanding your rights and obligations under the existing lease will empower you during negotiations and protect you from unexpected challenges.

Analyse Your Needs

Evaluate your current and future space requirements. Consider factors such as your business growth projections, changing workforce needs, and potential changes in work practices due to emerging trends like remote/hybrid working. A comprehensive understanding of your needs will guide your decision-making process and help you identify the most suitable leasing options.

Renegotiate or Relocate?

As the lease expiry approaches, you will be faced with the decision to renegotiate your existing lease or explore new locations. Engage in a cost-benefit analysis to determine the most financially advantageous option. Renegotiating with your current landlord may offer favourable terms, while relocating may open doors to more attractive spaces or locations better aligned with your business objectives.

Engage a Real Estate Advisor

Navigating the complexities of the commercial real estate market can be overwhelming. Consider seeking the assistance of a reputable commercial real estate advisor/agent or tenant representative. Their expertise can prove invaluable in helping you identify available properties, negotiate favourable lease terms, and make well-informed decisions based on market trends and data.

Focus on Flexibility

In today’s dynamic business landscape, flexibility is key. Explore options that provide flexibility in lease terms, such as shorter lease durations or expansion opportunities. This will allow you to adapt to changing business needs and market conditions, mitigating potential risks associated with long-term commitments.

Leverage Lease Expiry for Incentives

As your lease expiry date approaches, landlords may be motivated to fill vacancies quickly. Capitalise on this window of opportunity to negotiate for incentives, such as rent abatement, tenant improvement allowances, or other lease concessions that can enhance your lease terms and reduce costs.


Approaching your upcoming lease expiry with a strategic mindset and careful planning can yield substantial benefits for your business. Take the time to review your current lease, assess your space requirements, and explore available options. Engaging a real estate advisor can provide you with expert guidance, making the process smoother and more advantageous.

Remember, proactive decision-making and early action are essential. Embrace this transition as an opportunity to optimize your real estate strategy, secure favourable lease terms, and position your business for continued growth and success. By taking the right steps now, you can confidently shape your company’s future in the real estate market.

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